5 Reasons Why I Love QuickBooks Online

Why Ashored loves QuickBooks Online and has partnered with them

QuickBooks Online is the number 1 accounting solution for small businesses worldwide.

Having worked with a number of accounting software packages in the past, below are the reasons why I chose to partner with QuickBooks Online:

1. Create branded invoices and quotes

QuickBooks Online easily allows you to customise their templates to ensure that you can create professional invoices and quotes that reflect your business brand.

Quotes can be transformed into invoices using the click of a button and if you invoice according to time spent then they have a function which allows you to record your time per client and quickly convert this to an invoice. Best of all as the software is online you can quickly send your quotes or invoices directly from QuickBooks.

2. Mobile apps allow you to work on the move

QuickBooks Online have developed their own app that can be downloaded onto an iPad or mobile allowing you to work on the go. From here you can access real time information, send invoices or quotes, add expenses and review your business performance.

3. Connects to your business bank account

QuickBooks Online can connect with your business bank account enabling it to automatically import your bank transactions therefore reducing the time involved to manually enter these and therefore your accountancy fees.

Provided you ensure that your business bank account is used for all your business transactions then this ensures that no transactions are missed. As the transactions are automatically imported it also reduces the time involved to reconcile your bank account which again reduces your accountancy fees.

4. Automatic backups

Being an online software there is no need to backup your data as QuickBooks Online automatically backs it up for you, keeping your figures safe. It also allows you to access your data anywhere provided you have internet access. This means the end to having to download backups of data for your year end accountant as they can also be granted access.

5. Easily track your business performance

By connecting to your business bank account, QuickBooks Online works using real time information. This enables you to easily track your sales and expenses giving you up to date information on how your business is performing.

I particularly love this feature as it allows you to plan and adapt how your business is operating. I've lost count of the number of times I've heard business owners say they have no idea how their business is doing and feel that they are suddenly presented with a tax bill months after the event. By having access to real time information it allows businesses to plan for future tax bills and react to events as they happen.

If you would like more information on QuickBooks Online or to see how Ashored can help you then please get in touch.

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