Detailed analysis and interpretation in order to support your business to grow

I want to help your business to succeed.  To support you with this I can provide you with management accounts on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annually basis comparing your current performance to prior periods or expectations.  Rather than simply presenting you with the figures I provide you with a detailed analysis and interpretation of the key performance indicators to allow you to make better informed decisions.  Ashored Bookkeeping and Accountancy can also focus on the performance of particular aspects of your business, for example the profitability of particular lines or different selling channels, profitability per customer and much more.


Without cash your business can't succeed,  Therefore at Ashored Bookkeeping and Accountancy I understand the importance of Cash Flow Forecasting.  By planning your businesses future cash requirements we can ensure that your business doesn't run out of cash and become insolvent whilst also supporting you in obtaining finance to grow and develop your business.

Supporting you in developing future goals and ambitions for your business


We've all experienced moments where something has cost more than initially expected.  Ashored Bookkeeping and Accountancy can help you to ensure that your business expenses don't exceed expectations and to ensure that your pricing strategies are competitive for potential customers.  In doing this it supports your business in remaining profitable by boosting your profit margins.

Ensuring your business is profitable and competitive